Photos North Korea
Photos North Korea

Panmunjom - North Korean propaganda

North Korean propaganda poster for a unified Korea at the DMZ

Panmunjom - DMZ Marquette

Marquette of the DMZ in the North Korean information centre

Panmunjom - DMZ guide

Posing with our military guide in front of a monument at Panmunjom

Panmunjom - DMZ armistice agreement room

Room where the Armistice Agreement was signed on 27 July 1953

Panmunjom - DMZ truce talks room

Room where the truce talks were held between The DPRK and the US

Panmunjom - Joint security area

The American side of the Panmunjom Joint Security Area on the DMZ

Panmunjom - Joint security area

The North/South Korean border of the Joint Security Area

Panmunjom - Joint security area

Inside the barracks on the borderline of the Joint Security Area

Mt. Kuwol - Mt. Kuwol pick nick

Our North Korean guides having a pick nick on Mount Kuwol

Mt. Kuwol - Mt. Kuwol valley

View on the Jol Valley from the Sahwang Peak of Mount Kuwol

Mt. Kuwol - Woljong temple

Our North Korean driver and guide ar the Woljong Temple

Nampho - West sea barrage

The locks of the West Sea Barrage seen from Pi Do Island

Pyongyang - Pyongyang - Nampho highway

10 lane highway from Nampho to Pyongyang with almost no cars

Pyongyang - Reunification monument

Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification

Pyongyang - Yonggwang metro station

Tourists and North Koreans at the Yonggwang Metro Station entrance