Photos North Korea
Photos North Korea

Mt. Myohyang - Int. Friendship Exhibition

Roof terrace relaxing at the International Friendship Exhibition

Mt. Myohyang - Pohyon temple

Asking for Buddha’s blessing at the Pohyon Temple on Mt. Myohyang

Panmunjom - Sohung rest house

Sohung rest house on the motorway from Pyongyang to Kaesong

Kaesong - Folklore hotel

Traditional Korean house used as Hotel room at the Folklore Hotel

Kaesong - Folklore hotel

Korean dinner eaten of the floor of the Folklore Hotel restaurant

Kaesong - Folklore hotel

Traditional Korean bed in the Folklore Hotel of Kaesong

Kaesong - Kaesong main square

The main square in Kaesong with a Police Woman arranging traffic

Kaesong - Kaesong main street

The main street of Kaesong were most locals walk or cycle

Kaesong - Kaesong police agent

Crossroad with police agent arranging traffic in Kaesong

Kaesong - Kaesong town

View on Kaesong main street from the Kim Il Sung statue

Kaesong - Kaesong porcelain factory

Kaesong factory where Koreo porcelain is produced for export

Kaesong - Kim Il Sung statue

Kim Il Sung statue on a in Kaesong near the South Korean border

Kaesong - North Korean propaganda

National day propaganda billboard in Kaesong North Korea

Kaesong - North Korean propaganda

Locals walking and cycling near a Kim Il Sung portrait in Kaesong

Kaesong - Tongil restaurant

Lunch with manu small dishes at the Tongil restaurant in Kaesong