Photos Krakow
Photos Krakow

Krakow - Vistula River

The characteristic bend in the Vistula River seen from Krakow’s Wawel Castle in the cold Polish winter

Krakow - Vistula River

The bend in the Vistula River now seen on a day without any snow from a lookout point at the Wawel Castle

Krakow - Jubilat Department Store

Jubilat Department Store is located on the Vistula River Bank and a good place for a coffee or some shopping

Krakow - Jubilat Department Store

Krakow’s Jubilat Department Store is a great looking communist era warehouse constructed in 1969

Krakow - Feniks Building

The Feniks Building from 1938 nowadays known as the LOT building is a well know landmark in Krakow

Krakow - Kino Centrum

Kijow Centrum Cinema near Hotel Cracovia is another great communist era building from the early 1970s

Krakow - Solidarnosc Headquarters

Headquarters of the famous Solidarnosc trade union that stood up against communist oppression during the 1980s

Krakow - National Museum

Construction of the Polish National Museum building in Krakow started in 1934 and was only finished in 1992

Krakow - Jagiellonian Library Building

The Jagiellonian Library is the biggest and most famous library of Poland the building was constructed in 1939

Krakow - Institute For Psychology

The Institute for Psychology is one of many immersive looking university buildings on Mickiewicza Avenue

Krakow - Karkow Agricultural Academy

Building of the Krakow Agricultural Academy on Mickiewicza Avenue in familiar communist architecture

Krakow - Collegium Paderevianum

1964 Communist era building on Mickiewicza Avenue of the Jagiellonian University housing the philology departments

Krakow - Residential Building

A residential building that is another typical example of communist architecture on Mickiewicza Avenue in Krakow

Krakow - Technical University

The main building of the University of Science and Technology with two pre communist Socialist realist sculptures

Krakow - Technical University

Sculpture of metal workers casting iron in front of the Krakow University of Science and Technology building