Photos Kazakhstan
Photos Kazakhstan

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk city sign

Karkaralinsk city sign from the Soviet era welcoming travelers that enter the town via the main road

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk mountains

Beautiful mountains formations near Karkaralinsk in Kazakhstan

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk guesthouse

Dinner in our Karkaralinsk guesthouse managed by a Kazakh family

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk local people

Senior citizens enjoying the summer weather in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Old Karkaralinsk house

Many of these old wooden houses that date to the 19th century can be found in the old town of Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Soviet Fresco

Soviet era fresco’s with a cosmonaut on a house in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Wall fresco

Soviet era wall fresco carved in a wall of a building in Karkaralinsk dates to 1974

Karkaralinsk - Soviet monument

Soviet era peace monument in the fields of Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Local war heroes alley

Many monuments in Karkaralinsk honor Soviet World War II heroes, this alley in a park shows their portraits

Karkaralinsk - Local heroes monument

Karkaralinsk is littered with monument that commemorates Soviet heroes

Karkaralinsk - Local heroes monument

Beautiful artwork depicting a cosmonaut, his family and a Soviet rocket launch

Karkaralinsk - Madi Bapiuly monument

Monument to Madi Bapiuly, a famous Kazakh bard and Soviet revolutionary who lived in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Monument of the 78 Communists

Monument of the 78 Communists killed in Karkaralinsk in 1921 by the counter revolutionary Captain Tokarev

Karkaralinsk - MiG-21 monument

A MiG-21 monument in Karkaralinsk that was only recently erected

Karkaralinsk - Aviators monument

Room to spare, some old Soviet military equipment and voila you have a new World War II monument