Photos Kazakhstan
Photos Kazakhstan

Almaty - Mikhail Frunze bust

Bust of Mikhail Frunze, a major Red Army commander in the Russian Civil War

Almaty - Saken Seyfullin bust

Bust of Saken Seyfullin, a Kazakh literature, poet and writer whom was executed by the Soviets in 1939

Almaty - Sergey Lugansky statue

Statue of Sergey Lugansky, a World War II Soviet fighter and recipient of the second Gold Star medal

Almaty - Uraz Dzhandosov bust

Bust of Uraz Dzhandosov who fought for the Soviets during the civil war and became a communist leader

Almaty - Valerian Kuybyshev bust

Bust of Valerian Kuybyshev, a Soviet politician who held many high post and was a member of the Politburo

Almaty - ZiU-9G trolleybus

ZiU-9G trolleybus in the streets of Almaty, the most numerous produced trolleybus vehicle in the world

Almaty - Skoda 14Tr trolleybus

Skoda 14Tr trolleybus that was probably bought from a German city after the collapse of the GDR

Almaty - Tatra T4D tram

Tatra T4D tram in Almaty with Stannebeinplatz in Leipzig still as the destination sign

Almaty - Tatra T4D tram

Tatra T4D tram in Almaty that was previously in service in the GDR city Leipzig

Almaty - ZIL-130 dump truck

A ZIL-130 dump truck, seen in the streets of Almaty

Baikonur - Soyuz launch

It is possible for tourists to witness a Soyuz launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome