Photos Kazakhstan
Photos Kazakhstan

Astana - Presidential palace

Ak Orda Presidential Palace home of President Nazarbayev

Astana - Bayterek tower

Bayterek Tower, the symbol of Astana the new Kazakh capital

Astana - Astana city centre

Bayterek Tower in the centre of newly build area of Astana

Astana - City hall

The city hall is less futuristic then many other buildings in Astana and looks to more like a modern Soviet style

Astana - Khan Shatyry

Construction side of Norman Foster’s Khan Shatyry pyramid

Astana - Khan Shatyry

Sketch of what the Khan Shatyry wall look like when finished

Astana - Astana city centre

Astana’s The golden twin towers called The ministries houses

Astana - Pyramid of peace

The Pyramid of Peace by famous British architect Norman Foster

Astana - Shabyt palace of art

The Shabyt palace of art on Independence Square is one of many modern buildings in Astana

Astana - Triumph of Astana

The Stalinist style Triumph of Astana apartment building

Astana - Presidential Centre of Culture of Kazakhstan

Modern museum about the current and historic culture of Kazakhstan

Astana - Central mosque

Worshippers around Astana’s Central Mosque build in 2008

Astana - October cinema

The building that was the October Cinema during Soviet times is now restaurant Ak Sunkar

Astana - Kvas street sales

Sales of Kvas, a rye drink is a common sight in the Ukraine and Russia and is also sold on the streets of Batumi

Astana - State propaganda

Giant street painting depicting Kazakh leader Nazarbayev as a hero between historic Kazakh figures