Photos Kazakhstan
Photos Kazakhstan

Almaty - Residential buildings

Very interesting Soviet residential architecture on the road from Almaty to the kyrgyz border

Almaty - Residential buildings

Large Soviet era apartment blocks on Gogol Street

Almaty - Residential buildings

Large residential flats from the Soviet period on Panfilov Street

Almaty - Residential buildings

Soviet era apartment buildings in one of the Almaty Micro Districts

Almaty - TsUM department store

The TsUM department store in Almaty has plenty of bling on sale

Almaty - Almaty market

A large variety of meat and sausages on sale in a store near the Almaty market

Almaty - Chess players

Old men playing a game of chess in Almaty’s Panfilov Park

Almaty - Zenkov cathedral

Russian Orthodox Zenkov Cathedral in Almaty’s Panfilov park

Almaty - Kok Tobe cable car

Cable car taking tourists up to Kok Tobe mountain in Almaty

Almaty - TV tower

TV Tower at Kok Tobe mountain visible everywhere in Almaty

Almaty - Steven Segal

Steven Segal visited Kok Tobe mountain wearing his Russia training outfit

Almaty - Grill cafe

The Grill cafe on Kok Tobe mountain is an excellent place to relax with a beer and enjoy the view on the city

Almaty - City scape

View on the Almaty city centre from Kok Tobe mountain

Almaty - Kazakh propaganda

Propaganda promoting Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev

Almaty - Medeo Ice Rink

Alma Ata Medeo, was once the fasted speed skating rink in the world