Photos Kazakhstan
Photos Kazakhstan

Almaty - Square house

Daring Soviet architecture, a large white windowless building referred to as the square house

Almaty - Presidential palace

This building was supposed to house the Kazakh branch of the Central Lenin Museum, this never happened

Almaty - Post office

The former Almaty Post Office with a tower that can be seen in many former Soviet cities

Almaty - Kazakhstan National Museum

The building of the Central State Museum of the Kazakh Republic was constructed in 1985

Almaty - Market regulation office

Another Soviet era government building that bow houses the financial regulatory body of Kazakhstan

Almaty - Kazakh parliament building

The former Kazakh and Kazakh SSR parliament building is now a university

Almaty - Abay Opera House

The Abay Opera House, build in 1934 and named after Kazakh poet, composer, and philosopher Abay Qunanbayuli

Almaty - Academy of sciences

The 1946 Academy of sciences building combines classical architecture, national art and Kazakh ornaments

Almaty - City airport terminal

The Almaty air terminal in the city centre is a typical Soviet building from the 1970s

Almaty - City airport terminal

The Soviet Concorde (Tu-144) once flew a daily flight between Moscow and Almaty

Almaty - Almaty Akimat

The Almaty Akimat (Town hall) that was the government building before the capital moved to Astana

Almaty - Almaty district Akimat

The Akimat (administrative building) for the Almaty district

Almaty - Central mosque

70% of Kazakhs are Muslim, the Almaty central mosque was build in 1999 on the location of the old mosque

Almaty - Republic square

Republic square is was under heavy construction during our visit

Almaty - Residential buildings

Soviet era housing blocks in the Samal-1 Micro district (Soviet residential complex)