Photos Central Asia
Photos Central Asia

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk guesthouse

Dinner in our Karkaralinsk guesthouse managed by a Kazakh family

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk local people

Senior citizens enjoying the summer weather in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Karkaralinsk mountains

Beautiful mountains formations near Karkaralinsk in Kazakhstan

Karkaralinsk - Soviet Fresco

Soviet era fresco’s with a cosmonaut on a house in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - Soviet monument

Soviet era peace monument in the fields of Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk - UAZ-452 Tabletka

Driving the UAZ-452 Tabletka in the rugged Kazakhstan steppes


Karaganda - Cosmonaut relief

Soviet era relief on a Karaganda apartment building, depicting stars and three cosmonauts

Karaganda - Lenin statue

Lenin statue in on square in the city centre of Karaganda

Karaganda - Wall mosaic

Soviet era wall mosaic depicting miners and a woman in the Karaganda city centre

Karaganda - Palace of Culture

The beautiful Miners’ Palace of Culture with six sculptures of workers and soldiers on the roof

Karaganda - Ecological Museum

Building of the excellent Karaganda regional ecological museum

Karaganda - Ecological Museum

All exhibits of the Karaganda ecological museum can be touched

Karaganda - Kazakh team

Comtourist team with our Kazakh driver Zhenya and guide Vitaly from Avalon HGS

Dolinka - Karlag headquarters

The Karlag (Karaganda Corrective Labor Camp) was one of the largest Gulag labor camps in the USSR