Photos Odessa
Photos Odessa

Odessa - GAZ-53

A GAZ 53 truck used to repair street lights in Odessa Ukraine

Odessa - Ikarus 256

A Hungarian build Ikarus 256 auto bus seen in Odessa Ukraine

Odessa - Ikarus 256

The Hungarian Ikarus 256 auto bus was produced from 1977

Odessa - LUAZ 969M

A rare LUAZ 969M amphibious vehicle parked in an Odessa street

Odessa - Project 1430 passenger ship

Project 1430 passenger ship Vancouver build in 1971 in Odessa

Odessa - Project KP-2 catamaran

Project KP-2 catamaran build at the Gdansk Stocznia Wisla shipyard

Odessa - Soviet era crawler cranes

Two Soviet era crawler cranes on a building site in Odessa