Photos Kiev
Photos Kiev

Kiev - Geiger Counter

Geiger counter used during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Kiev - Chernobyl museum

Vehicles used by the Soviet emergency services at Chernobyl

Kiev - BTR-60

BTR-60 APC used by the Soviet Army during the Chernobyl disaster

Kiev - USSR restaurant

Wolga car at the entrance of the Kiev USSR theme Restaurant

Kiev - USSR restaurant

Pictures from famous people, events and objects from the USSR

Kiev - Mimino restaurant

Mimino Restaurant named after a famous movie about a pilot

Kiev - Mimino restaurant

Mimino is a famous Soviet comedy movie about an helicopter pilot

Kiev - Kvas street sales

Traditional Kvas sales near the Kiev Central Railway Station

Kiev - Kvas street sales

Kvas is non alcoholic Rye drink sold on the streets of Kiev

Kiev - Kvas street sales

Cold Kvas sold in the Kiev city centre from a typical yellow tank

Kiev - Light post

Soviet era decorated street light post in Kiev Ukraine

Kiev - Lada with flat tire

Lada taxi with flat tire on the middle of a busy road in Kiev

Kiev - Soviet cars

Soviet era Lada cars and Tatra trams in the streets of Kiev

Kiev - Great Lavra Bell tower

The Great Lavra Bell tower of Pechersk Lavra the cave monastery

Kiev - Cathedral of the Dormition

Cathedral of the Dormition, part of the Pechersk Lavra monastery