Photos Kiev
Photos Kiev

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra monastery

Golden decorations and icons of the Cathedral of the Dormition

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra monastery

Ukrainian Orthodox interior of the Cathedral of the Dormition

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra monk

Russian Orthodox Monk from the Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra honey sales

Home made honey sold on the Pechersk Lavra Monastery market

Kiev - St. Andrews church

Saint Andrew’s Church, an architectural landmarks of the Ukraine

Kiev - St. Michael’s Cathedral

Entrance to the St. Michael’s Golden Domed Cathedral in Kiev

Kiev - St. Michael’s Cathedral

St. Michael’s Golden Domed Cathedral build in the middle ages

Kiev - St. Michaels cathedral monk

Orthodox Monk from St. Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery in Kiev

Kiev - St. Sophia Church

World Heritage site and Kievan Rus monument Saint Sophia Cathedral

Kiev - Mariinsky Palace

Mariinsky Palace used by the President as ceremonial residence

Kiev - Train to Sevastopol

Relaxing in a sleeper cabin in the train from Kiev to Sevastopol

Kiev - Old lady on rail track

Old lady collecting bottles on the rail track near Kiev

Kiev - Map of Belarus and the Ukraine

Map showing our 2006 journey trough Belarus and the Ukraine

Kiev - GAZ-14 Chaika

Soviet era GAZ-14 Chaika limousine used for a wedding in Kiev

Kiev - Kamaz 1111 Oka

A Kamaz 1111 Oka, a city car designed in Russia in 1988