Photos Latvia
Photos Latvia

Riga - Soviet cafe

Soviet era cafe with a small control tower in the Riga city centre

Riga - Soviet style restaurant

Soviet style canteen food in a self service restaurant in Riga

Riga - Central market

The Riga Central Market located in old German Zeppelin hangars

Riga - Central market

Fruit and vegetable sales outside the famous Riga Central Market

Riga - Soviet road restaurant

Soviet style road restaurant on the motorway near Riga Latvia

Sigulda - DR1A locomotive 2541

DR1A Locomotive Nr. 2541 on Sigulda Railway Station in Latvia

Sigulda - DR1A locomotive 2541

DR1A electric train Nr. 254 ready to leave on Sigulda Station

Sigulda - DR1A locomotive 2541

Boarding the train on our way back from Cesis to Sigulda

Cesis - 2TE10U diesel locomotive 0217

Soviet era 2TE10U Diesel Locomotive Nr. 0217 in Cesis Latvia

Cesis - DR1A locomotive 176

Soviet era DR1A Locomotive nr 176 on Cesis Railway Station

Cesis - DR1A locomotive 2541

Inside the passengers train from Cesis to Sigulda in Latvia

Cesis - Lada 1300 SL

A Lada 1300 SL car used in Cesis by the local parking guard

Riga - ER2 electric train 131005R

Type ER2 locomotive nr 131005R on a bridge over the Daugava River

Riga - ER2T locomotive 711501

Type ER2T locomotive nr 711501 on a bridge over the Daugava River

Riga - Skoda 14Tr trolleybus

A Czechoslovakia made Skoda 14tr02 trolleybus in Riga Latvia