Photos Estonia
Photos Estonia

Helsinki - Helsinki ferry

Tallink ferry Superfast VII docked in the Helsinki harbour

Helsinki - Uspenski Cathedral

Eastern Orthodox Uspenski cathedral by Alexey Gornostaev

Helsinki - Helsinki cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral, built as a tribute to Czar Nicholas I

Helsinki - Alexander II statue

Statue of Czar Alexander II erected in 1894 in Helsinki

Helsinki - Czarina Stone

Monument for the 1835 visit of Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra

Helsinki - Helsinki Railway Station

The Helsinki Central Railway Station constructed in 1862

Helsinki - Estonian flag

Estonian flag on the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn in Estonia

Helsinki - Estonian ferry

People enjoying the summer weather on the ferry to Tallinn

Tallinn - Tallinn harbour

Ferries and Cruise ships with old Tallinn in the background

Tallinn - Tallinn City Camping

Estonian breakfast in front of our tent on Tallinn city camping

Tallinn - Tallinn City Walls

Guard towers at Tornide valjak part of the Tallinn City Walls

Tallinn - Tallinn City Walls

Old houses at Tornide valjak that are part of the Tallinn walls

Tallinn - Pikk Street

Pikk street, a funny name for those who speak the Dutch language

Tallinn - Raekoja Plats

Tallinn’s main square Raekoja Plats with terraces and restaurants

Tallinn - Raekoja Plats

Tourists enjoying terraces and shops on Raekoja Plats in Tallinn