Photos Baltics
Photos Baltics

Kaliningrad - Kalinin statue

Statue of Michail Kalinin who never visited Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad - Koningsberg Cathedral window

Koningsberg Coat of Arms on stained glass window of the cathedral

Kaliningrad - 1200 Guardsmen monument

Comtourist editor photographing a monument in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad - Monument to Hero Sailors

Komsomolets Torpedo Boat with house of Soviets in the background

Kaliningrad - Mother Russia monument

Mother Russia monument in reminding citizens where they are from

Kaliningrad - Peter the great statue

Peter the great statue in front of the Baltic Fleet headquarters

Kaliningrad - General Vasilevsky monument

Monument with statue of Soviet General Aleksandr Vasilevsky

Kaliningrad - Collectors shop Kaliningrad

Buy a Baltic Fleet navy outfit in the Kaliningrad Collectors shop

Mamohobo - Mamohobo Russian Polish border

Waiting time can be 24 hours at the Mamohobo Russian Polish border