Photos Baltics
Photos Baltics

Riga - Brezjnev crashed Rolls

Leonid Brezhnev’s crashed Rolls Royce in the Riga Auto Museum

Riga - Mil Mi-6 Hook

The Mil Mi-6 Hook heavy transport helicopter first flown in 1957

Siauliai - Hill of crosses

Tourist on the Lithuanian Hill of Crosses once visited by the Pope

Trakai - Trakai Island Castle

Trakai Island Castle dating back to the early 14th century

Trakai - Senoji Kibinine Svetaine

Lithuanian pasty in Restaurant Senoji Kibinine Svetaine

Vilnius - Lukiskiu square

Lukiskiu Square where a Lenin statue used to be in the middle

Vilnius - Opera and ballet theatre

The classic Lithuanian national opera and ballet theatre

Vilnius - Palace of Sports

The Palace of Concerts and Sports in the Zirmunai area of Vilnius

Vilnius - Lithuanian parliament building

Lithuanian Parliament Building in the Vilnius city centre

Vilnius - Scientists house

The Soviet Scientists house (Mokslinink Namas) in Vilnius

Vilnius - Vilnius Main Post Office

Interior of a Soviet Post Office building constructed in 1969

Vilnius - Soviet architecture

Characteristic Soviet architecture from the 1980s in Vilnius

Vilnius - TV tower

The 326m Vilnius TV Tower constructed between 1974 and 1980

Vilnius - Petras Cvirka statue

A Soviet era statue of Soviet Lithuanian writer Petras Cvirka

Vilnius - Green bridge

Peace statue on the famous green bridge in Vilnius Lithuania