Photos Baltics
Photos Baltics

Tallinn - Tallinn Linnahall

Tallinn Linnahall sports venue build for the 1980 Summer Olympics

Pirita - TV tower

The Tallinn TV Tower build for the 1980 Summer Olympics

Pirita - TV tower

Socialist realist stained glass artwork in the Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn - Tallinn Olympic harbour

Logo of the Moscow 1980 Olympics in the Tallinn Olympic harbour

Tallinn - Song Bowl

The Tallinn Song Bowl with a maximum capacity of 150.000 people

Tallinn - Maarjamae war memorial

Concrete structure, part of the War Memorial Complex in Tallinn

Tallinn - Tallinn Antique Shop

Various Lenin busts for sale in the Tallinn antique shop

Paldsiki - Paldiski

The Paldiski lighthouse and remains of Soviet military bunkers

Saaremaa - Mandjala camping

Spacious campground for tents on the Mandjala camping on Saaremaa

Kuressaare - Kuressaare castle

Kuressaare castle on Saaremaa Island dating back to 1260

Saaremaa - Kaali meteorite crater

The Kaali meteorite crater is one of Saarema’s top attractions

Saaremaa - Panga Pak cliff

The Panga cliff located on the northern shore of Saaremaa

Saaremaa - Tehumardi War Memorial

Memorial from 1967 commemorating the Battle of Tehumardi in 1944

Sigulda - Camping Siguldas Pludmale

Siguldas Pludmale camping on the Gauja river bank near Sigulda

Sigulda - Gauja canoe trip

Enjoying the beautiful nature of Gauja National Park by canoe