Soviet Christmas tree topper
Soviet Christmas tree topper

Soviet style Christmas tree topper

Decorating the Christmas tree is the start of the holiday season for many people. Comtourist found a nice object to use as the tree topper. The hammer and sickle proofed to be a trough crowd pleaser and will top the Christmas tree for years to come (don’t tell the girlfriend).

Some of our good friends from Kazakhstan were visiting the Comtourist headquarters in Amsterdam last summer. Our friends brought some nice gift like quality Vodka, a Soviet era watch and real Russian tea cup holders. A true object of beauty they also gave us was a metal artefact with a Soviet star, hammer and sickle. The object clearly was a flag pole top used for military banners known from World War 2 parades.

Red Army soldiers during World War waiting for new recruits to pledge the military oath under the Soviet Red banner

Red Army soldiers with Soviet flag

Then it became Christmas time and we found a good purpose for this historic object, it would make a perfect Christmas tree topper! Some tough negotiations with the lady of the house were needed but the result is fantastic. Is there a better way to celebrate the December holidays under the Christmas tree?

The Soviet Christmas tree topper makes the holidays extra special

The Comtourist Christmas tree topper