Pioneer One Drama series
Pioneer One Drama series

Web series: Pioneer One

Pioneer One is a web Drama Series that revolves around a Soviet era space capsule with a Cosmonaut that crashes in present day America spreading radioactivity over a large area in Montana and Canada. The government team investigating the crash starts to believe that the capsule actually travelled to Earth from Mars. Pioneer One is free downloadable and funded trough donations by fans and distributed via BitTorrent.

The first episode of Pioneer One was shot in 2010 on a budget of only $6000. Episode six of Pioneer One was released in December 2011 completing Season 1 of the series. Producers VODO will start shooting the next season as soon as enough money is donated. Pioneer One is a low budget series but the story line is very intriguing, so it is well worth downloading Pioneer One.

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Pioneer One is a Web Drama Serie about a Soviet era Space Craft that crashes in the USA and is belived to come from Mars

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The plot

A spacecraft crashes in the state of Montana spreading radiation in a large area. The US government believes that they are hit by a terrorist attack and send in a team to investigate what is going on. The team discovers an old Soviet Era capsule with a young Cosmonaut in it that is still alive. A note found in the hand of the Cosmonaut suggest that he is a child from Soviet Cosmonauts that live on a base on Mars. US government officials do not believe this story, it is up the team to find out what is really going on here.

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Watch and support Pioneer One

Pioneer One episodes can be downloaded with BitTorrent, watched on Youtube, or streamed and downloaded from . Comtourist encourages our readers to do a small donation to the project so we can keep enjoying this great drama series. There is also a store on the website where T-Shirts and other merchandise are sold.