Photos Technik Museum Speyer
Photos Technik Museum Speyer

Speyer - ZSh-5AN Pilot Helmet

Soviet ZSh-5AN Pilot Helmet with KM-34 oxygen mask used by the Soviet and Russian Air Force from the 1970s until today

Speyer - ZSh-7AS Pilot Helmet

Soviet ZSh-7AS Pilot Helmet with KM34D Series II oxygen Mask produced in 1986 for the Soviet Air Force

Speyer - THL-5CN Pilot Helmet

The THL-5CN Helicopter Pilot Helmet is a Polish copy of the American SPH-4 and used for the Mi-24

Speyer - THL-5W Pilot Helmet

Polish THL-5W Pilot Helmet from the Polish Air Force with Soviet KM-32-4 Mask

Speyer - Klimov VK-1 Engine

The Klimov VK-1 was the first Soviet jet engine that was produced in large numbers, it powered the MiG-15 and the Il-28

Speyer - Lyulka AL-21F3 Engine

The Lyulka AL-21 is an axial flow turbojet engine powering the Sukhoi Su-17, Sukhoi Su-24 and the Yakovlev Yak-38

Speyer - Zvezda M503 Marine Diesel Engine

The Zvezda M503 is a maritime diesel radial engine built in the 1970s by the Soviet Union to power missile boats that used three of these engines

Speyer - China Railways QJ Steam Locomtive

The QJ is the principal heavy freight steam locomotive used by China Railways until they were replaced by the Diesel locomotives in the 1990s

Speyer - DRB Class 52 Kriegslokomotive

The DRB Class 52 was a German steam locomotive built in large numbers during the Second World, many were used by the USSR after the war

Speyer - VEB BKK Steam Locomotive

East German VEB BKK Brigade OttoSchlag work locomotive used in the city of Deuben

Speyer - Soviet Caterpillar D7

Soviet version of the Caterpillar D7 that was called

Speyer - Trabant

The Technik Museum Speyer has a large collection of rare, beautiful and expensive cars but almost no Eastern European cars except this Trabant

Speyer - Berlin Wall

Fourth generation segment of the Berlin Wall named Stutzwandelelemt (Supporting wall element) IL 12.11 that was used from 1975

Speyer - Berlin Wall

Original part of the Berlin Wall, this part from the 1975 Wall, is 360cm high, 120cm wide and weighs 2.750kg

Speyer - Technik Museum Speyer Map

Map of the Technik Museum Speyer where the exhibits are displayed both in and outside