Photos Tashkent Rail Museum
Photos Tashkent Rail Museum

Tashkent - TEP70 diesel locomotive 1774

TEP70 diesel locomotive produced by the Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant in 1978, the TEP70 was developed to deliver more power than the TEP60

Tashkent - TEP70 diesel locomotive 1774

Side of the TEP70 locomotive with the sign of the soviet railways and the production plate of the Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant

Tashkent - 2TE10L diesel locomotive 254

2TE10L locomotive built in 1967 by the Lugansk Voroshilovgradsky plant, 80% of its design is made up of two TE3 locomotives

Tashkent - 2TE10V diesel locomotive 3928

The 2TE10V is another version of the TE10 locomotive, 1898 locomotives were build by the Lugansk Voroshilovgradsky plan from 1975 to 1981

Tashkent - VL22M electric locomotive 374

VL22M from 1950, this model was the first electric Locomotive produced in large numbers by the Soviet Union, VL stands for Vladimir Lenin

Tashkent - Vl60K electric locomotive 157

The VL60 (Vladimir Lenin) was the first Soviet electric locomotive produced in high numbers and was one of the main drivers of the Soviet railways during the 1960s

Tashkent - Er2-1270 electric trainset

Er2 electric trainset built in the early 1980s by the Latvian company R?gas Vagonb?ves R?pn?ca (RVR)

Tashkent - Acia No 2134 permanent way speeder

Asia permanent way speeder, a railway car that can be used during railway construction and maintainace

Tashkent - Mest30 railway car

Mest30 railway car railway carriages used in Uzbekistan by the Soviet railways

Tashkent - SD3 passenger car

SD3 passenger car used as exposition building by the Tashkent railway museum

Tashkent - SD3 passenger car

SD3 passenger car built in 1989 with the Soviet coat of Arms

Tashkent - AG-211 overhead maintenance vehicle

AG-211 overhead maintenance vehicle used to repair electricity cables

Tashkent - Crane flatcar combo

Crane and flatcar combo mostly made out of wood

Tashkent - DGKu-13 maintenance vehicle

DGKu-13 maintenance vehicle that was designed for the loading, transportation and unloading of railway materials

Tashkent - Self propelled snowplough

Self propelled snowplough vehicle, used to clear the tracks from snow in the winter