Photos Tashkent Rail Museum
Photos Tashkent Rail Museum

Tashkent - TGK2 diesel locomotive 2245

TGK2 diesel industrial and shunting locomotive produced by the Kaluga engineering plant in Russia from the 1960s until 2008

Tashkent - TE1 diesel locomotive

TE1 diesel locomotive manufactured by the Kharkov Transport Machinery plant in 1948, based on the US RSD-1 acquired via the Lend Lease program

Tashkent - TGM1 diesel locomotive 1681

The TGM1 class shunting diesel locomotive was designed to replace the 9P steam locomotive, the 1681 was build in 1956 by the Murom factory in Russia

Tashkent - TGM23V diesel locomotive 1654

TGM23V diesel locomotive that replaced the TGM1 built by the Murom Locomotive Plant during the 1980s

Tashkent - TGM3 diesel locomotive 1156

TGM3-1156 diesel locomotive, built by the Russian Lyudinovsky Diesel Locomotive Plant in 1956

Tashkent - TEM2 diesel locomotive

The TEM2 Diesel locomotive is a Soviet copy of the American ALCO RSD-1 produced by the American Locomotive Company

Tashkent - TU7A diesel locomotive 3142

The TU7A, designed in 1986 was an upgraded version of the TU7 that was build by the Kambarka Engineering Works from 1971

Tashkent - TU7A diesel locomotive 3143

TU7A locomotive pulling open air passenger car of the Tashkent children's railway, children's railway lines were seen in many Soviet cities

Tashkent - Da31 diesel locomotive

American Da31 diesel locomotive provided to the USSR under the Lend Lease program in 1945, shipped in parts to Murmansk and assembled in Ramenskoye

Tashkent - ChME3 diesel locomotive 4115

ChME3 diesel locomotive built by the CKD company (famous for the Tatra trams) in Czechoslovakia between 1963 and 1991

Tashkent - TE2-025 diesel locomotive

TE2-025 diesel passenger locomotive built by the Karkov plant in 1951, the TE2 was the first mass produced diesel locomotive in the Soviet Union

Tashkent - TE3 diesel locomotive

TE3 diesel freight locomotive built in 1966, these locomotives were produced by the Kharkiv Malyshev and Voroshilovgradsky plants

Tashkent - TEP10 diesel locomotive 126

TEP10 passenger diesel locomotive build by the Kharkov factory in 1964, a total of 335 locomotives were built in this series

Tashkent - TEP10 diesel locomotive 126

Production plate of the TEP10 locomotive, the YCCP sign suggest that this locomotive was used by the Uzbek SSR

Tashkent - TEP60 diesel locomotive 1081

TEP60 diesel locomotive produced by the Kolomna Locomotive Works in 1982, 1241 locomotives of this model were built 42 are still active in Belarus