Photos Skoda 105
Photos Skoda 105

Amsterdam - Skoda Rapid LSX promotion

The Skoda Coupe Rapid is Luxurious, high performance and authentic according this promotion material

Amsterdam - Skoda Rapid LSX promotion

Skoda is reliable, robust and sharp with a modern four cylinder engine that can deliver up to 58 HP

Amsterdam - Skoda Rapid LSX promotion

Good quality ad an affordable price, the engine in the rear is highly regarded by the competition and critics alike

Amsterdam - Skoda Rapid LSX promotion

A pretty lady demonstrates that there enough is room in the front of the Skoda for a large cart with grocery

Amsterdam - Tartra 603

The Tatra 603 is one of the most beautiful classic cars that exists, we can only dream of owning this model one day

Helmond - Lada 2105

A Lada 2105 from 1983 on sale at a specialized dealership, maybe this will be the next Comtourist car

Kurchatov - UAZ-452

The UAZ-452 Tabletka 4x4 that took us trough the Steppes

Berlin - Trabant 601

The 601 was the principal Trabant model produced from 1963 to 1990, not much Trabi can be seen in Berlin anymore

Odessa - GAZ M21 Volga

A grey GAZ M21 Volga in fantastic condition seen in Odessa

Krakow - Oscar Schindler museum

The office of Schindler in Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory in Krakow