Photos Riga Aviation museum
Photos Riga Aviation museum

Riga - Jet fighter rocket pots

Various sizes rockets pods that can be fitted under Soviet jets

Riga - Aircraft bombs

Collection of vintage Soviet aircraft bombs of various sizes

Riga - Search light

Search light probably used to protect a Soviet Air Force base

Riga - Ground radar

A mobile ground radar installation from the Soviet Air Force

Riga - Jet engine

Soviet era jet engine now displayed in the Riga Aviation museum

Riga - Pilot training machine

Machine used to train air force pilots by spinning them around

Riga - MAZ-543 AA-60

MAZ-543 AA-60 Aerodrome fire fighting vehicle from Riga airport

Riga - MAZ-403 Airport fuel truck

MAZ-403 aircraft fuel truck formerly used by the Riga Airport

Riga - GAZ-42 Airport truck

A Soviet GAZ-42 truck that belonged to the Riga Airport authority

Riga - GAZ-66 Airport truck

Soviet era GAZ-66 truck now displayed in the Riga Aviation museum

Riga - Soviet era trucks

The Riga Aviation museum also has a collection of Soviet trucks

Riga - ZIL-140

ZIL-140 truck now a museum piece at the Riga Aviation Museum

Riga - ZIL-157

ZIL-157 with a mobile radar installation and command centre

Riga - ZAZ-965

Soviet era ZAZ-965 car in desperate need to be restored

Riga - Riga Airport Terminal

Main terminal of Riga International Airport 30km from city centre