Photos Polish Aviation museum
Photos Polish Aviation museum

Krakow - Mil Mi-4A

Mil Mi-4A Hound transport helicopter used to transport VIP’s

Krakow - Mil Mi-4ME Hound

Mil Mi-4ME Hound antisubmarine helicopter used by the Polish navy

Krakow - Mil Mi-8S Hip

Mil Mi-8S Hip helicopter used to transport VIPS and party bosses

Krakow - SP-GIL prototype

Polish SP-GIL helicopter prototype that never entered production

Krakow - PZL Swidnik BZ-4 Zuk

The Polish PZL Swidnik BZ-4 Zuk prototype never entered production

Krakow - HWL Pegaz

The HWL Pegaz was the first Polish post-war motor glider

Krakow - Swift S-1

Swift S-1 single seat aerobatic glider manufactured since 1991

Krakow - SZD-6Z Nietoperz

Polish SZD-6Z Nietoperz experimental glider aircraft built in 1951

Krakow - SZD-8bis Jaskolka

Polish SZD-8bis Jaskolka glider build in Bielsko-Bia?a from 1951

Krakow - SZD-9bis Bocian 1A

Polish SZD-9bis Bocian 1A glider build for aero clubs in 1952

Krakow - SZD-10bis Czapla

Polish SZD-10bis Czapla glider of which 19 aircraft were build

Krakow - SZD-12 Mucha 100

Polish SZD-12 Mucha 100 single seat glider aircraft from 1953

Krakow - SZD-15 Sroka

Polish SZD-15 Sroka glider build for the army from 1955

Krakow - SZD-17X Jaskolka

Polish SZD-17X Jaskolka high performance competition glider

Krakow - SZD-18 Czajka

Polish SZD-18 Czajka glider designed for Soldiers Friends League