Photos Polish Aviation museum
Photos Polish Aviation museum

Krakow - PZL M-4 Tarpan

Polish PZL M-4 Tarpan trainer aircraft prototype of the 1960s

Krakow - PZL Mielec M-15 Belphegor

Agricultural jet Mielec M-15 was the only jet biplane in the world

Krakow - PWS-26

Polish PWS-26 advanced training aircraft, used from 1937 to 1939

Krakow - PZL-105L Flaming

Second prototype of the PZL-105 STOL aircraft developed in 1991

Krakow - PZL-105M Flaming

Polish PZL-105M Flaming prototype STOL aircraft developed in 1989

Krakow - PZL-106 Kruk

Polish PZL-106 Kruk crop spraying aircraft produced since 1976

Krakow - PZL-130 Orlik

Polish PZL-130 Orlik turboprop trainer aircraft in bad condition

Krakow - PZL-130 Orlik

Naval version of the Polish PZL-130 Orlik turboprop trainer

Krakow - WSK PZL SM-1

The WSK SM-1 helicopter a incensed Mil Mi-1build in Poland

Krakow - WSK PZL SM-2

PZL SM-2 light utility helicopter enlarged license-built Mil Mi-1

Krakow - Mil Mi-2FM

Three Mil Mi-2 helicopters in a row the Mi-2FM is a survey version

Krakow - Mil Mi-2URPP hoplite

Mil Mi-2URPP gunship helicopter armed with 23mm NS-23 gun

Krakow - WSK Mi-2URP rocket holders

Mounting bar for four Mi-2US side-hanging machine guns on an Mi-2

Krakow - WSK Mi-2Ch

WSK Mi-2Ch chemical reconnaissance smokescreen layer helicopter

Krakow - PZL Swidnik Mi-2 cropduster

PZL Swidnik Mi-2 cropduster used for agricultural purpose