Photos Polish Aviation museum
Photos Polish Aviation museum

Krakow - PZL TS-11 Iskra R

TS-11 Iskra R naval reconnaissance plane with RDS-81 radar system

Krakow - PZL-Mielec I-22 Iryda M-93K

Polish PZL-Mielec I-22 Iryda M-93K military jet trainer aircraft

Krakow - EM-10 Bielik

EM-10 Bielik Polish military training aircraft prototype from 2003

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-7BKL Fitter-A

Sukhoi Su-7BKL Fitter-A capable of landing on rough fields

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-7BM Fitter-A

Sukhoi Su-7BM Fitter-A capable of carrying tactical nuclear bombs

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter-A

Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter Soviet swept wing supersonic fighter aircraft

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter-A

The Su-7 was the main Soviet fighter-bomber aircraft of the 1960s

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-7UM Moujik

Sukhoi Su-7UM Fitter two seat training version of the Su-7BM

Krakow - UB-16 57 mm rocket launcher

UB-16 57 mm rocket launchers under a Polish Air Force Su-7BKL

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-20R Fitter-C

Su-20R Fitter-C attack aircraft, an export version of the Su-17M

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-22M4 Fitter-K

Sukhoi Su-22M4 export version manufactured from 1983 to 1990

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-22UM3K Fitter-G

Su-22UM3K export trainer with AL-21 engine produced 1978-1982

Krakow - Sukhoi Su-22M4K Fitter-K

The Sukhoi Su-22M4K Fitter is an export version of the Su-17

Krakow - Yakovlev Yak-12 Creek

Yakovlev Yak-12 Creek Soviet light multirole STOL aircraft

Krakow - Yakovlev Yak-17UTI Magnet

Yak-17UTI, the Soviets most produced and used early jet trainer