Photos Polish Aviation museum
Photos Polish Aviation museum

Krakow - MiG-21 nose

View inside the MiG-21 cockpit with many switches and leavers

Krakow - Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-23MF Flogger-B

MiG-23MF used by the Polish Air Force between 1979 and 1996

Krakow - Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29UB Fulcrum-B

Polish Air Force Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum-B jet trainer

Krakow - WSK Lim-1

PZL Mielec WSK Lim-1 Polish licence build MiG-15 from 1953

Krakow - WSK Lim-2

PZL Mielec WSK Lim-2 trainer licence build MiG-15bis from 1954

Krakow - WSK Lim-5

PZL Mielec WSK Lim-51 Polish licence build MiG-17 from 1956

Krakow - WSK Lim-5R

WSK Lim-5R licensed MiG-17F build by the Polish Mielec factory

Krakow - WSK Lim-6BIS

The Lim-6BIS, a variant on the Lim-5 in service until the 1980s

Krakow - WSK Lim-6M

The WSK Lim-6M in another Polish variant of the Soviet MiG-17

Krakow - WSK Lim-6MR

Wsk Llim-6MR Reconnaissance aircraft a conversion of the Lim-5P

Krakow - WSK SBLim-2

Polish build PZL Mielec WSK single engine SBLim-2 jet trainer

Krakow - WSK SBLim-2A

Polish build PZL Mielec WSK single engine SBLim-2A jet trainer

Krakow - PZL TS-11 Iskra bis B

PZL TS-11 Iskra bis B trainer with four pylons to carry weapons

Krakow - PZL TS-11 Iskra bis DF

PZL TS-11 Iskra bis DF trainer -reconnaissance plane from 1974

Krakow - PZL TS-11 Iskra MR

TS-11 Iskra MR from the Bia?o Czerwone Iskry aerobatics team