Photos Polish Aviation museum
Photos Polish Aviation museum

Krakow - Gaz-51 truck

A GAZ-51, the most produced and best known truck of the USSR

Krakow - Shvetsov ASh-62 radial engine

Shvetsov ASh-62 radial aircraft engine used for the An-2 and Li-2

Krakow - Mikulin AM-38F engine

Mikulin AM-38F 1940s piston engine used in Il-2 and Il-10 aircraft

Krakow - Ivchenko AI-25 jet engine

Ivchenko-Progress AI-25 twin-shaft medium bypass turbofan engine

Krakow - Klimov WK-1F engine

Limo VK-1 Soviet jet engine build for the MiG-15 and MiG-17

Krakow - Lyulka AL-7F turbojet engine

Lyulka AL-7F turbojet used in the Sukhoi Su-7 and Tupolev Tu-28

Krakow - Tumansky R-13F2-300 engine

Tumansky R-13F2-300 turbojet engine for Sukhoi and MiG aircraft

Krakow - Tumansky RD-9B engine

The Tumansky RD-9 was the first Soviet developed turbojet engine

Krakow - Tumansky RD-10 engine

Tumansky RD-10 turbojet engine used for Su-9 and other fighters

Krakow - 8D511 Scud engine

Isayev 8D511 engine of a R-11 Scud-B tactical ballistic missiles

Krakow - 9D21 Scud engine

Isayev 9D21 engine of a R-17 Scud-B tactical ballistic missiles