Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior
Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior

Hermeskeil - KM-1M Ejection Seat

Soviet KM-1M Ejection Seat from the 1970s used in various MiG-21 and MiG-23 models

Hermeskeil - SK1 Ejection seat

Soviet SK-1 Ejection Seat found in various MiG-21 models, most notable the MiG-21

Hermeskeil - VS1-BRI Ejection Seat

Czechoslovakian VS1-BRI Ejection Seat used in the Aero L-39 can be used at 0m height by the two pilots

Hermeskeil - VKK-6M Pressure Suit

The VKK-6M designed for long high-altitude flights is the most commonly used Soviet and Warsaw Pact flight suit

Hermeskeil - ZSh-5M Pilot Helmet

ZSh-5M Pilot Helmet with KM-34 oxygen mask was a modified version of the ZSh-5 with various updated components

Hermeskeil - ZSh-5 Pilot Helmet

ZSh-5 Pilot Helmet with KM-34 oxygen mask was standard issue in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc and is the most used pilot helmet

Hermeskeil - ZSh-7 Pilot Helmet

ZSh-7 Pilot Helmet with KM-34D oxygen mask used by Su-27, Su-33 and MiG-29 pilots of the Russian Air Force

Hermeskeil - Flugausstellung L+P Junior book

Guide book from the Flugausstellung L+P Junior listing almost every airplane on display with photos and specs