Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior
Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-14PL cockpit

Cockpit of the Mil Mi-14PL that was armed with a torpedo, nuclear debt bombs and eight dept charges

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-24P

Mil Mi-24P gunship version, which replaced the 12.7-mm machine-gun with a fixed side-mounted 30-mm GSh-30K twin-barrel cannon

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-24P

Nose of the Mil Mi-24P Hind gunship that was delivered to the East German army in 1981

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-24P

Rear cockpit that houses the pilot of the famous Mi-24 Hind gunship that got is notoriety from the Soviet campaign in Afghanistan

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-24P

Front cockpit for the Mil Mi-24P gunner who operates the 30-mm GSh-30K twin-barrel cannon is operated and rockets

Hermeskeil - Kamov Ka-26

Kamov Ka-26 light utility helicopter in the original colors of the former

Hermeskeil - Klimov WK-1 Engine

Soviet Klimov WK-1 Engine build in the 1950s for the MiG-15, MiG-17 and Il-28 fighters

Hermeskeil - Klimov WK-1F Engine

Soviet Klimov WK-1F Engine build in 1948 for the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 fighter

Hermeskeil - Isotov GTD-350 Engine

Isotov GTD-350 Engine gas-turbine turboshaft engine build in the 1960s for the Mil Mi-2 helicopter

Hermeskeil - Ivchenko AI-24 Turboprop Engine

Soviet Ivchenko AI-24 Turboprop Engine build in 1960 for the Antonov An-24 medium airliner

Hermeskeil - Tumansky R29-300 Engine

Soviet Turmansky R29-300 jet Engine produced in 1972 and used to power a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MF

Hermeskeil - Walter Minor Engine

Four cylinder Walter Minor piston engine produced in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s

Hermeskeil - Shvetsov ASZ-82 Engine

Shvetsov ASZ-82 aircraft engine dating to 1952 and used for the Ilyushin Il-14 and Mil Mi-4 helicopter

Hermeskeil - Zvezda M503A-2 Diesel Engine

Zvezda M503A-2 Diesel Engine that was developed in the 1940s to power Soviet missile boats

Hermeskeil - KK-2 Ejection Seat

Soviet KK-2 Ejection Seat dating to the mid 1950s and used in the MiG-17 fighter