Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior
Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior

Hermeskeil - Sukhoi Su-7BM Fitter-A

Polish Air Force Sukhoi Su-7BM Fighter Bomber with Lyukla AL-7F turbojet engine produced in 1955

Hermeskeil - Sukhoi Su-22M4 Fitter-K

East German Air Force Sukhoi Su-22M4, which is the export designation for the Soviet Su-17M4

Hermeskeil - Sukhoi Su-22M4 Fitter-K

Cockpit of the Su-22M4 that was produced from 1983 to 1990 and equipped with high tech avionics

Hermeskeil - Aero L-39ZO Albatros

Aero L-39ZO Albatros, this version was the interim weapon trainer variant produced for export and first sold to Iraq

Hermeskeil - Antonov An-2P

Antonov An-2P, the largest single-engine biplane in the world, the museum aircraft arrived from Budapest in 1987

Hermeskeil - Let Z-37 Cmelak

Let Z-37 Cmelak is an agricultural aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia, the aircraft is used mainly as a crop-duster.

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-1

Mil Mi-1 or PZL-Swidnik SM- helicopter in colors of the Hungarian Air Force

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-2

Mil Mi-2 helicopter produced by the polish PZL-Swidnik plant in the original colors of the former East German Police

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-4

Mil Mi-4 heavy transport helicopter from the Czechoslovakian Air Force dating to 1957

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-6A

The Mil Mi-6A is the civil transport version of the Mi-6 with accommodation for between 65 and 90 passengers.

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-6A

The museum Mi-6A flew in 1996 to the Hermeskeil from Petschora in the Ural burning 90.000 liters of aviation fuel during the 19 hour flight

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-8T

Mil Mi-8T multi role transport helicopter with East German Army color scheme and build in 1962

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-8T cockpit

Cockpit of the Mil Mi-8T that was the first mass production utility transport version of the Mil Mi-8 helicopter

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-9

Mil Mi-9 (also Mil Mi-8IV) that served as flying command post in the East German army from Cottbus and now needs restoration

Hermeskeil - Mil Mi-14PL

Mil Mi-14PL anti submarine helicopter constructed in 1974 by the Mil plant in the colors of the East German navy