Photos Dutch Army museum
Photos Dutch Army museum

Photos - The Dutch Army Museum

Comtourist learned that the Dutch Army Museum in the city of Delft has an T-55 AM on display that was used by the East German army to train tank commanders and engineers. The Soviet tank is worked open so students can see all the inner parts and understand how the tank works. We took a train to Delft and shot a series of photos from this interesting museum item.

The Dutch Army Museum is located in the old arsenal in the centre of the ancient Dutch city Delft. It is no surprise that most of the displayed items relate to the history of the Dutch army. The museum does have some interesting items that relate to armed forces of some of the communist countries however. The Dutch army was part of the UN forces during the Korean War and the peace mission in Yugoslavia, so the museum shows multiple items relating to these conflicts. There is also a section dedicated to the cold war with various Soviet and GDR uniforms and a section of the Berlin wall. The absolute top piece is the T-55 AM tank however, a good reason to visit the Dutch Army Museum when visiting Delft.

Delft - Soviet infantry

1948 uniform of Soviet infantry used in Berlin after World War II

Delft - NVA officer

1985 uniform of an officer of the NVA, the East German Army

Delft - NVA infantry

1984 uniform of a soldier of the NVA, the East German Army

Delft - Soviet infantry

1990 uniform of the Soviet infantry, carrying am AK-47 gun

Delft - Berlin wall

Section of the Berlin wall displayed outside the Dutch Army Museum

Delft - Communist solidiers

North Korean solider and Chinese volunteer of the Korean War

Delft - North Korean infantry

North Korean soldier in winter cammo with PPSh-41 submachine gun

Delft - Chinese volunteer

Infantry solider of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army in Korea

Delft - Dutch UN soldier

Dutch UN soldier armed with a BAR rifle during the Korean War

Delft - Dutch infantry

Dutch Korean War infantry soldier armed with a M1Garand rifle

Delft - Korean War items

Various military items of the Dutch army during the Korean War

Delft - Army map Korea

Original map of Korea used by the US Army during the Korean War

Delft - T-55 AM tank

Soviet T-55 AM tank displayed in the Dutch Army Museum in Delft

Delft - T-55 tank front

This was an instruction tank for training engineers and commanders

Delft - T-55 tank side

The museum T-55 AM tank was owned by the East German Army