Photos Rodina Mat Kiev
Photos Rodina Mat Kiev

Kiev - T-62 main battle tank

T-62 tank at the entrance of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Kiev - T-64 main battle tank

T-64 Soviet main battle tank, introduced in the early 1960s

Kiev - ISU-152 self propelled gun

Soviet World War II ISU-152 armoured self-propelled gun

Kiev - IS-1 heavy tank

IS-1 tank, named after Joseph Stalin developed during World War II

Kiev - IS-2 heavy tank

IS-2 heavy tank with A-19 gun at the Kiev World War II museum

Kiev - BM-21 Grad

Soviet truck mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher, BM-21 Grad

Kiev - BMD-1

BMD-1, an Airborne Amphibious Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Kiev - BMP-1

BMP-1, the worlds first mass produced infantry fighting vehicle

Kiev - BMP-2

BMP-2, infantry combat vehicle, developed in the eighties

Kiev - 2S1 122-mm howitzer Gvozdika

Soviet 2S1 Gvozdika 122-mm self propelled howitzer in Kiev

Kiev - PT-76 light amphibious tank

Soviet light amphibious tank PT-76 used for reconnaissance

Kiev - ZSU-23-4 Shilka

Soviet self-propelled anti aircraft weapon system ZSU-23-4 Shilka

Kiev - SU-100 tank destroyer

Soviet World War II Tank Destroyer SU-100 at the Kiev War Museum

Kiev - Red army artillery

Soviet filed guns in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev

Kiev - ZiS-3 76 mm divisional gun M1942

Three Soviet ZiS-3 76 mm divisional guns model M1942 in Kiev