Photos Rodina Mat Kiev
Photos Rodina Mat Kiev

Kiev - Partisan exposition

Exposition hall dedicated to the anti fascist resistance movement

Kiev - Machine tool

Soviet machine tool used for tank production in World War II

Kiev - Decisive battles

Hall about the decisive battles of World War II during 1942-1943

Kiev - Battle for the Dnieper

Fishermen boats from the 1943 battle for the Dnieper and Kiev

Kiev - Kiev liberation

Painting of the battle where Kiev got liberated from the Germans

Kiev - GAZ-AA truck

GAZ-AA truck with anti aircraft gun mounted on the back

Kiev - Gall of Berlin

Diorama depicting the fall of Berlin with the Reichstag in 1945

Kiev - Hall of memory

Hall of Memory with images of people who fell during World War II

Kiev - Museum restaurant

Soviet style restaurant of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Kiev - Soviet tanks

Various Soviet tanks from Word War II in the Kiev war museum

Kiev - T-10 heavy tank

Cold War Heavy Tank T-10 first produced in by the USSR in 1952

Kiev - T-34-85

Tank that helped the Soviet Union winning the war, the T-34-85

Kiev - T-54 main battle tank

T-54 main battle tank, developed in the years after World War II

Kiev - T-55 main battle tank

T-55 main battle tank in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Kiev - T-55 main battle tank

Front of the Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank at the Kiev War Museum