Photos Rodina Mat Kiev
Photos Rodina Mat Kiev

Kiev - Fire of Glory bowl

Fire of Glory bowl with eternal flame on the Rodina Mat complex

Kiev - T-80UD and T-62 tanks

T-80UD and T-62 tanks in front of the Great Patriotic War Museum

Kiev - Hall of Glory

Hall of Glory naming and honouring all Heroes of the Soviet Union

Kiev - Hall of Glory

Mosaic depicting civilian and military hero’s in the Hall of Glory

Kiev - Hall of Glory

Red army soldiers with flags of the defeated Nazis on Red Square

Kiev - Hall of Glory

Soviet Victory Order on the ceiling of the hall of glory

Kiev - Great Patriotic War Museum

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War below the Motherland statue

Kiev - Kiev war museum Soviet door

Hammer and sickle on an door in the Great Patriotic War Museum

Kiev - Statue of Soviet soldier

Statue of Red Army solider in the entrance hall of the museum

Kiev - Kiev war museum Il-2

Remnants of an Il-2 aircraft, shot down by the Germans in 1943

Kiev - Leningrad blockade

Hunger and food shortage during the blockade of Leningrad

Kiev - Destroyer Soobrazitelnyi

Commandants cabin on the Soviet Navy destroyer Soobrazitelnyi

Kiev - Wall sculpture

Soviet wall sculpture depicting the heroic defence of Sevastopol

Kiev - Adjimushkai defence

Artefacts from the defence of the Adjimushkai quarries near Kerch

Kiev - Soviet POW

Soviet prisoners of war in the Ukraine during World War II