Photos Black Sea Fleet
Photos Black Sea Fleet

Photos - The Black Sea Fleet

Sevastopol was opened for tourists in 1997, now visitors can see a lot of ships from the Ukrainian and Russian Black Sea Fleet. We were is Sevastopol in 2006 and saw many navy vessels including Submarines, Frigates, Cruisers and Corvettes. The Black Sea fleet is not Russia’s most advanced fleet but we still photographed many interesting vessels.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet with Sevastopol as main base was founded in 1783 by Tsarina Catherine II the Great. The Black Sea Fleet has always been of great importance for Russia and participated in many wars. During the Soviet era the Black Sea Fleet was Strengthened and participated at Siege of Odessa and the Battle of Sevastopol during World War 2. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the fleet fell under formal jurisdiction of the newly independent Ukraine. This caused great problems as many of the personnel and most of the officers were Russians. Pro Russian separatists, supported by Moscow tried to split the Crimea of from the Ukraine and become an autonomous region. The Ukrainian government offered Moscow to partition the fleet and leased a part of Sevastopol to the Russian Navy.

Sevastopol - Russian navy headquarters

Headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet on a Sevastopol hill

Sevastopol - Russian navy propaganda

Russian Navy propaganda, The Russian Navy courage and honour!

Sevastopol - Russian Auxiliary ships

Russian Black Sea Fleet Auxiliary ships in Yuzhnaya bay

Sevastopol - Bereza class degaussing ship

Russian SR-28 Bereza class degaussing ship in Yuzhnaya bay

Sevastopol - Grisha class corvette

Russian navy Grisha class Anti Submarine Corvette’s in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Grisha class corvette

Grisha class Anti Submarine Corvette’s in Yuzhnaya bay

Sevastopol - Heavy lifting ship

Heavy lifting ship KIL-158 built at the Rostock Neptune Shipyard

Sevastopol - Krivak III class frigate

Ukrainian Krivak III class frigate U130 Hetman Sahaydachniy

Sevastopol - Natya class minesweepers

Natya class Minesweepers Turbinist, Ivan Golubets, Admiral Zhukov

Sevastopol - Ropucha class landing ship

Ukrainian Ropucha I class large landing ship Kostiantyn Olshansky

Sevastopol - Slava class cruiser Moskva

Russian Black Sea fleet Slava class cruiser Moskva in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Black Sea fleet

U130 Hetman Sahaydachniy and the U500 Donbas command ship

Sevastopol - Black Sea fleet

Kostiantyn Olshansky and Grisha V class anti-submarine corvettes

Sevastopol - Vishnya class ship

Black Sea fleet Vishnya class intelligence ship SSV-201 Priazov’ye

Sevastopol - Romeo class submarine

Converted Russian Romeo class Missile testing submarine PES-50