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Photos Baltiysk

Photos - Baltiysk

Baltiysk named (Pillau before World War II) is the home of the Russian Baltic Fleet and can only be visited with a special permit. Comtourist was in Kaliningrad in 2007 and we paid a visit to Baltiysk hoping to see some ships of Russian navy. Other highlights of Baltiysk are a Lenin statue, the old lighthouse and the Museum of the Baltic Fleet.

We had an excellent local guide named Marina who already showed us a lot in Kaliningrad itself, she arranged a special army permit that tourists need to enter Baltiysk. We first visited a German army cemetery near Primorsk before we arrived in Baltiysk. In Baltiysk we got out of the car near the Baltic Glory Monument comprised of a Torpedo boat and multiple sculptures. Baltiysk also has a statue’s for Lenin, Peter the Great, Mother and Child and Tsarina Elisabeth. We did see some minesweepers but most of the vessels of the Baltic Fleet were not visible. From the old Lighthouse we could see a bid more ships in the distance, most notably Zubr Class hovercrafts. Highlight of Baltiysk is the Museum of the Baltic Fleet, a classic Soviet style museum were we had a retired Navy Officers as guide. We had hoped to see more of the fleet but Baltiysk was still a great daytrip from Kaliningrad.

Baltiysk - Baltiysk lighthouse

The lighthouse in Baltiysk build in 1816 by the Germans

Baltiysk - Baltiysk lighthouse

The red and white Baltiysk lighthouse with the blue Baltic sky

Baltiysk - Baltiysk lighthouse

View on the Baltiysk Strait from a window of the lighthouse

Baltiysk - Baltiysk lighthouse

Interior of the lighthouse with a map of the Baltiysk Strait

Baltiysk - Baltiysk lighthouse

Pillau Lighthouse build by German firm Isselburger Hutte

Baltiysk - Baltiysk harbour

Civilian ships in the Baltiysk harbour seen from the lighthouse

Baltiysk - Naval gun

Soviet Naval gun on the Baltic Square of Honour in Baltiysk

Baltiysk - Strait of Baltiysk

The Strait of Baltiysk connects the Gdansk and Vistula Bay

Baltiysk - World War II bunker

German World War II bunker near the Baltiysk coast line

Baltiysk - World War II fortified tower

German World War II fortified tower near the Baltiysk coast line

Baltiysk - Decorated flats

Soviet era flats decorated with hammer and sickle propaganda

Baltiysk - Baltiysk ferry

Ferry from Baltiysk to the Vistula Spit via the Strait of Baltiysk

Baltiysk - Czarina Elizabeth monument

Elizabeth Petrovne Romanovoj statue for the Seven Years War

Baltiysk - Lenin bust

Lenin bust in the Baltiysk harbour of the Russian Baltic Fleet

Baltiysk - Lenin statue

Lenin statue in front of a Soviet era building in Baltiysk